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All you need to know about Facebook Marketplace

clock November 18, 2016 03:54 by author BenH
What is it? At the beginning of October, social media site, Facebook, launched a new feature called Marketplace. The feature enables you to buy, sell and trade directly through the Facebook app. The feature has been added in to the most recent update to users on both iPhone and Android. The ‘shop’ icon has taken the place of the ‘messages’ icon on both systems. We’ve all seen these ‘things to buy and sell’ pages in our local areas, and research from Facebook suggests there are 450 million people visiting these groups each month. With these kinds of sta... [More]

Waterproofing & packaging your parcel

clock November 9, 2016 11:23 by author BenH
  With winter nearly upon us, it’s the perfect time to start waterproofing your parcels and thinking about taking extra care with your packaging. 1. Individually wrap each item within your parcel: It may be obvious but tissue paper or bubble wrap will work well for this.  2. Fill any extra space: Use crumpled newspaper or polystyrene to fill any gaps in your parcel to avoid any items moving around and potentially breaking during transit. 3. Seal your parcel: Use strong tape along any seams or openings of your parcel to fully seal it shut. We always suggest using ... [More]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday. How are they different?

clock October 14, 2016 06:00 by author BenH
What is Black Friday? Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It has been regarded as the biggest Christmas shopping season in the US since the early 2000’s, as many major retailers offer promotional sales. Retailers in the UK have celebrated the tradition ever since 2010 when Amazon introduced it here. Black Friday has been picking up pace and sales surpassed £1bn in just the one day in 2015 (Mirror) What is Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday was created to persuade people to shop online. It is more tailored for small e-tailers who cannot compete with big ... [More]

Did you know? #WorldPostDay

clock October 2, 2016 07:30 by author BenH
  Fun facts 1. Westfield Shopping Centre in East London is so big, it has its own postcode E20, which was previously the fictional location for BBC soap Eastenders. (Mirror) 2. There are an estimated 27 million postcodes across Britain (Postcodearea) 3. The Queens postcode is SWLA 1AA 4. UK Mail's national hub in Ryton-on-Dunsmore includes a state of the art sortation centre which has the capacity to sort up to 24,000 parcels per hour 5. UK Mail delivered its one billionth item of mail in October 2006 History of post 1852 – The first post box was built (Postalheritage) 1920 – ... [More]

What to expect from the iPhone 7?

clock September 6, 2016 07:09 by author BenH
After seeing quite a few leaked images of the device doing the rounds across the net and social media, we’re making some pretty wild and wacky predictions for the new iPhone release.  After waiting nearly a year for the new tech, we only have 1 day to wait until the grand reveal on Wednesday 7th September 2016. Here are some of our predictions for the new device: 1. Appearance and design  Clear your diary because this feature will be sure to blow your mind. We think it’s safe to say that the handset will in fact be completely see through! You won’t even know it&rsqu... [More]

Simple tips for mastering selling on eBay

clock June 2, 2016 06:19 by author BenH
Selling online can provide a significant boost for any business, as it opens up another potential route to make money. Of course, selling isn’t always that straight-forward, as a seller will require a means of carrying out the process – a platform capable of e-commerce activity. And that’s where eBay comes in. The site where it’s possible to buy and sell items and keep an eye on competitor activity. But what do you need to know about selling on the site? Getting started It’s best to start with getting an idea of how it all works. Essentially the user or business ... [More]

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