With the weather the way it is and forecasts predicting even more downpour in the days to come we’re all looking for alternative things to do to keep us busy and out of the blistering winds and torrential rain. Traditionally spring cleaning is carried out on the first few days of Spring when the warm rays of sunshine break through the winter gloom that our minds turn to the cleaning up of the effects of the winter storms and the short dull days. Or is it? As soon as we get a bit of sun we can’t think of anything better to do than getting out the house and enjoying the Spring warmth. Here at ipostparcels.com we think now is an ideal opportunity to tackle those lofts and garages piling up with ‘junk’ as well as getting the curtains down for a good wash and a bit of polish on that silverware. What better way to pass those dull boring showers that are set for the coming weekend! So get your rubber gloves and bin liners at the ready to dust and de-clutter your homes. And you never know, whilst you’re de-cluttering you may come across some things that could be worth selling on eBay, you know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Some items may not be worth selling so why not donate to your local charity shop.  Not only will ipostparcels.com be able to take this unwanted clutter from you, we’ll also save you a few penny’s by giving you an extra 10% off just use the voucher code SPRING04. Don’t forget if you do decide to sell or donate some of your findings from your spring clean, you don’t even need to step out the house to send, we’ll get Parcel Pete to come out straight to you to collect your parcel and deliver it the next day. Bonus, with weather like this!