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Get the most out of the January Sales

clock January 3, 2013 11:22 by author Fahmeda A - Parcel Pete's Helper
The January sales are a bargain hunters dream, it’s the best time to get yourself a discounted treat as well as trade in some unwanted gifts from the festive period. However, it’s a battlefield out there and ipostparcels.com are here to give you a few handy tips to get through it all. List it: Rummaging through the sales can be stressful and you’ll always end up picking up things you don’t need and therefore not actually making any savings. Our top tip here it to list things you need beforehand and the shops you need to go to. Sell it: If you do end up buying a whole load of unnecessary items it can sometimes be difficult to get a refund as most sale items are exchange only. So the next best thing for unwanted good and Christmas presents is eBay. Quick and easy to set up an account and you can even make some money. Just to make it even easier for you to sell you can take advantage of our next day delivery and eBay services we offer. Online Shopping: Online shopping is far easier, everything you want right in front of you without all the hassle searching through the mass rails of clothing.  With flexible delivery options it’s a win win situation for most products and with various voucher codes and cash back alternatives available you may be able to get some more money off. So now that you’re armed with some handy tips, go grab yourself a bargain and if you don’t like it then sell it, we’ll come and collect your parcel and deliver it on the next day!

The easy way to send eBay parcels

clock September 18, 2012 05:24 by author Parcel Pete
Selling goods on eBay is a great way to earn some extra cash and get rid of items that you don’t use anymore. But, as eBay has grown more popular, buyers have grown to expect more from the people they are buying from. As Internet shopping grows more convenient and delivery times become faster, buyer are no longer prepared to wait weeks for their eBay purchases to arrive. Thankfully, ipostparcels.com provides a quick, easy and convenient way to send eBay parcels.If you’re looking for a fast and affordable parcel delivery service, look no further than ipostparcels. We provide a service with the understanding that packages come in many different shapes and sizes, and can cater our service to meet your exact requirements. www.ipostparcels.com offers a wide range of delivery options, including next day delivery, and specialist services for extra-large, high value. You can even choose to be notified when your parcel has reached its destination, putting an end to costly eBay errors. What's more you can link your eBay account to ipostparcels to download delivery details.Using an eBay courier can make your life much simpler. No one has time to wait in lengthy queues at the post office to get a parcel delivered. We can collect your parcel from any address in the UK, and take it directly to its destination the very next day. If you would like to pursue eBay selling professionally, the convenience of ipostparcels make us a good option, enabling you to sell and send packages at an extremely fast past. Using ipostparcels really is the easy way to send eBay parcels.

The Rise and Rise of Online Shopping

clock April 19, 2012 05:05 by author Fahmeda A - Parcel Pete's Helper
Online shopping has taken the UK by storm! Online retail sales increased by 14% last year to more than £50bn, with predictions that the growth will continue to hit high streets, according to a new report. It's natural to see consumer appetite for online shopping growing year on year. This is not because people are spending more money but because they are shopping in the most convenient and affordable way for their individual needs. British online retailers will enjoy an average rise in online sales of 14% this year according to reports. However, are our online shopping days set to increase in price? A recent article in The Sun newspaper highlighted how YODEL, which holds contracts with ASDA, Amazon, Littlewoods and Tesco are planning to increase their prices to the retailers in order to cope with the boom in online shopping. The increase in fees would be so YODEL can improve their infrastructure to improve service. Any ultimate price rise of online goods in the future will depend on whether retailers absorb the higher delivery rate. As an ipostparcels.com customer you needn’t worry we’ve actually lowered our prices starting from just £3.75! And Parcel Pete doesn’t use any middle men to collect and deliver your parcels; we personally deliver all items through our parent company network, UK Mail. So for all you online retailers whether you’re using eBay or your own platform, ipostparcels.com is the most affordable courier in the UK for next day parcel collection and delivery.

eBay it with express delivery

clock April 16, 2012 12:04 by author Parcel Pete
When you need to buy, sell, or send something in a hurry, the internet is absolutely indispensable. Easy home access to a global market means that everyone can buy and sell from their living room, meaning price is more representative than ever and competition for even the most unusual and unlikely goods can be rife. That's a bonus for eBay sellers, who often get more for their goods on an online auction than they ever would selling them in a shop where they'd have to rely on foot traffic to get interest as well tackling the associated costs of having a physical shop.If you sell something unusual, eBay really is a blessing, not least because it is so effective at appearing in search engine searches. It can be the best place to get a good price for that bit of cult memorabilia or your hand-sewn doilies... however, amateur eBayers beware, because a single bit of bad feedback can wreak havoc with your ratings! However, help is at hand to make sure that you remain an exemplary eBayer and can offer potential customers the holy internet grail which is express parcel delivery! Here at ipostparcels.com we've quite literally made it our business to get goods from one place to another. We can offer guaranteed next day parcel delivery from and to anywhere in the UK from only £3.74. That also includes a free collection, £50 free cover, delivery notifications and full online tracking. These are the aspects that will enable you to offer a professional service whether you ship few or many items through eBay each week.Furthermore, we’ve made things even easier for you – you can even link your eBay account with ipostparcels.com to enable you to pull through delivery details for your sold items. So what are you waiting for? Why keep your buyers waiting? Try our next day parcel collection and delivery today.  

What’s so new about the new iPad?

clock March 29, 2012 12:15 by author Parcel Pete
The highly anticipated iPad 3 (officially known as ‘The New iPad’) has finally arrived. With the rumour mill boiling over and eager fans chewing down their nails in expectancy, Apple finally laid to rest all the gossips and put us out of our misery on March 7th 2012. The device was launched in the first week of March and was shipped across the world the very next week, including deliveries made here in the UK by our very own UK Mail. However, was it worth the wait? Has it lived up to our expectations?  Maybe not so…Apple, known for its technical excellence and innovation have released what they believe is ‘resolutionary’. Don’t get me wrong the screen resolution is immense the 2048 x 1536 pixel Retina Display is bursting with colour, saturation and sharpness but is it an upgrade you can live without? I think so.  It’s not as if the iPad 2 had a bad display, not by any stretch. Most of the time you’re not close enough to your tablet's screen to pick up the pixels anyway.The 5 megapixel iSight camera means you have a capable digital camera… the size of a magazine! Apple is pitching the new iPad as a photographer’s companion but that is unlikely to be true.  Whilst they’ve improved the lens of the iSight the front facing camera remains the same as the iPad 2.Due to the bigger battery the new iPad is slightly thicker; this is probably the only difference in design compared to the iPad 2. Some have argued Apple is losing its innovation credibility; the opportunity for a competitor to crash the Apple party is now. And believe you and me, Android devices are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Going back to my first question, what’s new about the new iPad? Well not much really. However it is the best on the market and remains at the top of the hill. If you don’t have an iPad, then get this one, if you do have an iPad 2 then stick to it and wait for number 4! Alternatively you could always sell it on eBay and go for the iPad 3.

Make us your No.1 eBay courier

clock March 19, 2012 11:28 by author Parcel Pete
Everyone is always looking for better deals regarding the courier companies that they use for the delivery of items sold on eBay. When selling items through eBay it only enhances the chances that you are going to sell your item if the shipping prices you offer are competitive. With a fast and efficient service, there's also more chance of getting positive feedback from your buyer.This is particularly true if you are sending your parcels or packets next day, which can cost quite a bit if sending through Royal Mail. This is where ipostparcels.com can offer some of the best prices for cheap eBay courier services in the UK - from only £3.74 +VAT. This next day delivery service includes a free collection, £50 worth of free cover and delivery notifications. You can also choose from options for proof of delivery and timed delivery slots should you need it.Being a part of the UK Mail group we have the network and vehicles to be able to pick up your parcel anywhere in the UK for next day delivery. If you are required to organise the pick-up yourself from an eBay seller, then ipostparcels.com is one of your best options. Our couriers can easily perform this task, and all at a very cost-effective price. A lot of this has to do with our experience in understanding how eBay works.To make life even easier we also allow members to link their eBay account with our website to allow you to import parcel details as well as delivery informationAll you have to do is get a quote and book on our website. It really is that simple. Our prices only change according to the size of the package, but you can ascertain a quick quote from us free of charge to see how much you can save.

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