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Parcel delivery services have come a long way

clock June 12, 2012 03:55 by author Parcel Pete
In the past, the types of parcel delivery service available to people were slow and inefficient. However, over recent times, such provisions have come on leaps and bounds and they are now extremely sophisticated and effective.This is in part thanks to improvements in the transport network around the UK. However, this can only take some of the credit. After all, while the roads and vehicles that use them have been getting better, the volume of traffic on the highways has also risen, causing increased congestion.One of the main causes for the enhancements in parcel collection and delivery provisions stems from the fact that innovative and dedicated firms like us here at ipostparcels have been established.We know all there is to know when it comes to moving parcels around the UK. Meanwhile, we utilise the internet to optimum effect, helping to make our offerings more competitive and efficient.Thanks to us and organisations like us, it is now possible to benefit from guaranteed next day delivery and other such services from only £3.74 +vat.  So, if you need to book such assistance in a hurry, you have come to the right place.And technology has also enabled us to boost customer service. For example, if you make an order with us, you can track its progress online using your unique order ID number.These days, rather than having to queue for long periods of time to drop your parcels off at your local post office, you can now simply arrange for the parcels to be picked up from your home or workplace.

How to avoid Post Office queues

clock March 14, 2012 12:11 by author Parcel Pete
Like most people, you probably don’t enjoy queuing up at the Post Office to send off your parcels. After all, it normally requires going in on your lunch break and this is inevitably when queues are at their longest.Happily, we here at ipostparcels.com can help you to do away with this most irritating of chores.Rather than waiting in the Post Office reading leaflets for most of your lunch break, you can book your parcel collection with ipostparcels.com to suit you - be it from your home or even your place of work. Our online collections are very quick and easy to book and your parcels can be delivered the very next day without you having to pay premium prices.We can offer next day collection and delivery from as little as £3.74! To add even more value, we offer up to £50.00 worth of free cover, delivery notifications and full online tracking.You can rest assured that we won’t pass your parcel on to another courier as we personally deliver all items through our parent company network, UK Mail. Indeed, we don’t believe in using any kind of ‘middle-man’ - we like to keep things simple and in-house: we collect your parcels and we deliver your parcels.As well as being a great choice for sending the occasional item, ipostparcels.com is also the perfect parcel delivery service if you are an eCommerce retailer, or eBay seller who needs to frequently send items that you have sold online.So, if you want to avoid Post Office queues and pay less when sending parcels, make us here at www.ipostparcels.com your first port of call.

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