It is fair to say that times are still pretty tough at the moment. And with the Government being advised to make even more cuts in public spending, the average British citizen will seemingly just have to get used to having less money in their wallets for a little while to come.

Of course, we British know how to deal with a crisis like this – we moan. And then after that we’ll have a cup of tea. However, after a bit more moaning, we will eventually come to the conclusion that we can all do something to make things a little bit easier for ourselves.

Here at ipostparcels, we know how hard it is for everyone to keep their heads above the water these days and that is why we want to do our bit to help make things a little easier. To this end, we have decided to lower the price of our signature option from £0.89 to £0.69 as well as our extended cover for parcel values of up to £100 from £0.95 to £0.49.

All-in-all this means we are able to offer the most affordable next day parcel delivery service in the UK. Indeed, our range of cheap parcel delivery methods start from as little as £3.74 +vat so our customers can source the finest next day parcel collection and delivery services and save themselves some money in the process. Furthermore, customers can also save a bit more money by opting to drop-off or pick-up their parcels directly at one of our 50 nationwide depots.

So, next time you want to save a quid or two, make sure you come to us here at ipostparcels for your parcel delivery needs.