What is it?

At the beginning of October, social media site, Facebook, launched a new feature called Marketplace. The feature enables you to buy, sell and trade directly through the Facebook app. The feature has been added in to the most recent update to users on both iPhone and Android. The ‘shop’ icon has taken the place of the ‘messages’ icon on both systems.

We’ve all seen these ‘things to buy and sell’ pages in our local areas, and research from Facebook suggests there are 450 million people visiting these groups each month. With these kinds of statistics, it is clear to see why Facebook has chosen to turn seller with this new feature.

How to use it?

5 simple steps to getting your unwanted goods uploaded:

1. Get your phone, log in to your Facebook App and look for the Marketplace logo

2. Take a photo of your item in a light, presentable location

3. Enter a name, description and price

4. Add a location and category

5. Post

Then, just sit back and wait for the Facebook users to either ‘Make an offer’ or ‘Message’ you for further details

Delivery options

As it stands, Facebook Marketplace does not have a delivery feature. The majority of items being sold on there are to be picked up at the location. However, if this is something which puts you off from using the app then there is a solution. With ipostparcels, you can select a home collection from the seller’s house and get one of our drivers to pick it up the very next day and then deliver it straight to your door. Just make sure your seller can print off the delivery label and is happy to package the item for shipping and you’re good to go.


Overall, Facebook Marketplace is incredibly easy to use both from a buyer and sellers point of view and with the worldwide daily users of the app at a whopping 989 million (Business of Apps); the target market for your unwanted goods is huge.

The usual risks apply when selling or buying online, however, there is added safety with Facebook as you can see more details about the seller than other online selling platforms. For example, the public profile picture, cover photo, location and potential mutual friends.  

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